The Harsh Truth #9: Physical Appearance Matters A Lot

Physical beauty matters, yes it does. Why would God bother in giving you a physical body if it doesn’t? Although it is not the only thing that’s important, you can’t deny that it is still. So, do your job and take good care of your body and look the best that you can be. Relying on inner beauty alone is not an excuse for laziness.


The Harsh Truth #7: Why Showing Your Cleavage while Doing the “Duck Face” Makes You Look Dumb

Taking photos of your cleavage (that you’re trying to flaunt by taking the digicam way above your head with your upper arm/s squeezing your goodies) does not really make you look flattering. 

Not only does it make you look desperately screaming for some cheap attention, but it also results to a photo of your supposedly “pretty” face now looking a disproportional head suffering from hydrocephalus. (Just in case, you know, that BIG forehead with “tumitirik eyes” and the popular duckface).

The Harsh Truth #5: Letting Go and Letting It Live is Better Than Keeping It Until It Dies

When people get too attached, it makes it hard for them to let go hence the consequence of suffering for a month or worse, up to a year. Even if it might be harsh, a bitter truth is always better than the sugarcoated ones. If you fell out, just let the other person go. Don’t keep them just for the sake of not wanting to see them with someone else or because you don’t have a replacement just yet. Truth is the only thing that will set you free. Honesty is what will give you the best closure.