Nature in Relation to Dating – Men & Women: Sperm Cells and Egg Cells

Just a funny theory of mine. I’ve had thought of how nature really relates to dating: Men & Women: Sperm Cells and Egg Cells. Now don’t get me wrong, it isn’t really the sexual stuff.

Just think, sperm cells come from men and egg cells come from women. It is the sperm cells released by men who look for the egg cell, they race and compete with each other to fertilize the egg first.

It is similar to guys in dating. If they have a goal (which is to WIN the woman), they do not care whether they have a lot of competition because it is the “survival of the fittest”. They will pursue, chase, race, whatever it is to WIN. The sperm cells are the ones who look for the egg cell, it is not the other way around!

It had never happened that it is the egg cells who looked for the sperm. What the egg cell does is just basically be herself, and just emit a signal to the sperm cells that it exist. (I think it is similar for us women primping ourselves up, looking our best to make us noticeable). What an egg cell does is just be passive and wait for the sperm cells to come to her and she does not mind whatever fights, struggles, and race a sperm cell has to go through just to be one with her!

And then what happens is the cliche “MAY THE BEST MAN WINS!”  as in, may the first sperm who bested the race and was able to penetrate the protective layers of the egg cell wins. By the way, based on my research, it depends on the egg cell whomever is the lucky sperm cell that it will allow to be one with her. It is like in dating, the first man who tried and fought his best wins.

So basically, it is really in a MAN’S NATURE to pursue the woman. It already starts in their single living cell. LOL :))


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