The Harsh Truth #14: Nosy People and Stuff

It’s better to just keep personal matters and relationship details private to keep the nosy people away. It’s just that there are lots of snoopy “feeling-close” peeps you wouldn’t want to associate with.


The Harsh Truth #12: Colonial Mentality

Okay, just a funny thing. If you do not speak in English all the time, most people will assume that you can’t speak that language at all and that you are indeed stupid. Surprisingly, some Filipinos think that way. For me, that mentality’s the most stupid thing ever.

But if you’re a Filipino living in the Philippines and you can’t speak Tagalog, and I say that you’re stupid, almost everyone will throw rocks at me and tell me that I am stupid for even saying that. No wonder why foreigners laugh at this country, it’s because of its own citizens who do not love their very own language. Sad.

The Harsh Truth #10: Refusing to Acknowledge the Truth is Not an Excuse for Being Ignorant

I’m not mean or heartless. I’m simply just stating the simple harsh truths that I have observed in life. Just because it’s the truth does not always mean that we have to like it and just because we like an idea doesn’t always mean that it’s the truth. Ikut-ikutin mo man ang mundo, ang totoo at mananatiling totoo at wala ka ng magagawa pa. Just saying. 😉