Nature in Relation to Dating – Men & Women: Sperm Cells and Egg Cells

Just a funny theory of mine. I’ve had thought of how nature really relates to dating: Men & Women: Sperm Cells and Egg Cells. Now don’t get me wrong, it isn’t really the sexual stuff.

Just think, sperm cells come from men and egg cells come from women. It is the sperm cells released by men who look for the egg cell, they race and compete with each other to fertilize the egg first.

It is similar to guys in dating. If they have a goal (which is to WIN the woman), they do not care whether they have a lot of competition because it is the “survival of the fittest”. They will pursue, chase, race, whatever it is to WIN. The sperm cells are the ones who look for the egg cell, it is not the other way around!

It had never happened that it is the egg cells who looked for the sperm. What the egg cell does is just basically be herself, and just emit a signal to the sperm cells that it exist. (I think it is similar for us women primping ourselves up, looking our best to make us noticeable). What an egg cell does is just be passive and wait for the sperm cells to come to her and she does not mind whatever fights, struggles, and race a sperm cell has to go through just to be one with her!

And then what happens is the cliche “MAY THE BEST MAN WINS!”  as in, may the first sperm who bested the race and was able to penetrate the protective layers of the egg cell wins. By the way, based on my research, it depends on the egg cell whomever is the lucky sperm cell that it will allow to be one with her. It is like in dating, the first man who tried and fought his best wins.

So basically, it is really in a MAN’S NATURE to pursue the woman. It already starts in their single living cell. LOL :))


Being a Creature Unlike Any Other

I have figured that before a woman (and even men) starts dating, it is very important for one to be “The Best Person of One’s Own Self”. This is the most important because without it, most likely, our relationships will fail. It means that before we enter into another relationship, our goal must be to pursue being the best person that we can be physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally.

I realized that being one is a spirituality, a lifestyle, and a mentality. It is more than just looking pretty, “acting” like you are not too interested, dressing elegantly, and practicing “scripted” lines to every replies. If we disregard this, we tend to become needy, clingy, insecure, and “trying too hard” because we do things, not out of “love” but out of “desperation” and most of the times it makes us settle into something less than what we deserve since we do not think that we are THAT great. We tend to think, “I am not meeting anyone else attractive who are attracted to me so I might as well just settle with him.” and all that stupid lies we put in our subconscious mind.

You see, when you are already CONTENT with yourself, with your persona, with who you are, you wouldn’t care less about being with people who don’t love you. You choose to love those who love you and avoid toxic people who only brings you drama. When you are finally the best person you can be, you wouldn’t care less whether a guy just poofs out of nowhere or stopped calling and texting because you know that you are enough, that you do not need any other mortal being to complete you – you are already complete like a delicious cake with all the perfect ingredients, and “Mr. Right” is just your icing on the cake, a finishing product. He is like a glossy top coat finish over your perfect nail polish.

So, please, have faith. No matter how hard things might seem at first, you will get used to it. Do not let rejection, breakups, and “the guy who did not call you back” break your heart totally. Remember, you were able to live without them for a very long time, what makes you think you can’t leave without them at all? Whatever happens, you will be just fine. 

p.s. WE ATTRACT WHAT WE THINK. If you are a spiritually healthy person, you will attract a spiritually healthy person also. So we might as well spend our time thinking of positive thoughts and acting out on it instead of wasting precious time with negativity.

The Harsh Truth #12: Colonial Mentality

Okay, just a funny thing. If you do not speak in English all the time, most people will assume that you can’t speak that language at all and that you are indeed stupid. Surprisingly, some Filipinos think that way. For me, that mentality’s the most stupid thing ever.

But if you’re a Filipino living in the Philippines and you can’t speak Tagalog, and I say that you’re stupid, almost everyone will throw rocks at me and tell me that I am stupid for even saying that. No wonder why foreigners laugh at this country, it’s because of its own citizens who do not love their very own language. Sad.

The Harsh Truth #10: Refusing to Acknowledge the Truth is Not an Excuse for Being Ignorant

I’m not mean or heartless. I’m simply just stating the simple harsh truths that I have observed in life. Just because it’s the truth does not always mean that we have to like it and just because we like an idea doesn’t always mean that it’s the truth. Ikut-ikutin mo man ang mundo, ang totoo at mananatiling totoo at wala ka ng magagawa pa. Just saying. 😉

The Harsh Truth #7: Why Showing Your Cleavage while Doing the “Duck Face” Makes You Look Dumb

Taking photos of your cleavage (that you’re trying to flaunt by taking the digicam way above your head with your upper arm/s squeezing your goodies) does not really make you look flattering. 

Not only does it make you look desperately screaming for some cheap attention, but it also results to a photo of your supposedly “pretty” face now looking a disproportional head suffering from hydrocephalus. (Just in case, you know, that BIG forehead with “tumitirik eyes” and the popular duckface).